Is Casino Curiosity Growing Among UAE Residents?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve gathered data from over one million casino searches conducted since 2015. This report provides insights into the online search behavior of UAE residents, offering a closer look at the prominence and interest surrounding this topic in the UAE.

Last Update April 9, 2024

We Analyzed +1M Casino Searches in the UAE

In the UAE, amidst the shimmering towers and bustling streets, a digital phenomenon is quietly but unmistakably gaining momentum.

It’s the story of casino searches—a narrative of exponential growth and boundless curiosity. With each passing day, the digital footprints of eager explorers multiply, painting a vivid picture of an evolving landscape.

We shared our journey through the labyrinth of online data, where every search query signifies not just curiosity, but a beacon of growth illuminating the path towards new horizons in the realm of UAE’s casino scene.

First Key Points About UAE Searches on Casinos

Interest Increased 66x Since 2015

Over the past decade, interest in casinos in the UAE has surged exponentially, with search volumes experiencing an extraordinary increase of over 6600% since 2015. This remarkable growth underscores the significant rise in interest and demand for casino-related information and activities in the region.

The Boom Started in 2021

In 2021, the UAE saw the beginning of discussions regarding the legalization of gambling, sparking a significant uptick in interest in casino-related topics. This marked the start of a notable boom in casino-related searches, with search volumes nearly doubling compared to previous years. The surge in interest reflects the anticipation and excitement surrounding the potential legalization of gambling activities in the UAE.

Top 5 Emirates With the Most Casino Searches Since 2004

Dubai Dominance

This top reveals the top 5 Emirates with the most searches about casinos since 2004. Dubai leads with a score of 100, followed by Umm Al Quwain (75), Ras al Khaimah (73), Abu Dhabi (72), and Ajman (57).

Understanding Google Trends Scores

Google Trends scores interesting search values on a scale from 0 to 100, indicating the popularity of a search term compared to total searches in a region.

A score of 100 represents the highest popularity, while 50 denotes half as much interest.

What Casino Topics Interest UAE Residents?

Casino Legalization Drives UAE Search Trends

While the growth rate for physical casino searches is lower compared to online casinos, there is still a significant uptick of approximately 430% from 2015 to 2023.

The surge in searches since 2021/2022 may be attributed to rumors circulating about the potential legalization of casinos and the establishment of the first casino in the UAE.

Surging Interest Despite Legal Restrictions

The period from 2020 to 2023 witnessed particularly rapid growth in online casino searches, with a remarkable surge of approximately 480% during this timeframe.

This accelerated expansion can be attributed to various factors, including the global pandemic, which led to increased online activities and entertainment options as people sought alternative forms of recreation while staying indoors.

2024 Projections

Anticipated Volume

Notably, the year 2024 is projected to set a new record in casino-related searches, with an anticipated volume of 378,792 searches if we consider only the main queries.

The surge in interest reflects a significant rise in curiosity and engagement with casino-related topics and activities in the UAE over the past decade.

2024 Will Set New Record

As of 2024, casino-related search volumes in the UAE are poised to reach unprecedented levels, with projections indicating a record-breaking year.

Reflecting a growth of approximately 48.25% compared to 2023, 2024 promises to be a landmark year for the casino industry in the UAE, underscoring the region’s growing interest and engagement with casino-related topics and activities.